Husband and Wife Kiara Lord Share Horny Spanish Student Kaisa Nord GP2024featuring Joel Tomas

Kaisa Nord is over at her Spanish teacher Maximo’s house preparing for an upcoming test when she excuses herself to go finger herself in his bathroom. Not thinking much of it, Maximo goes into the kitchen to check on his
wife Kiara Lord, who’s doing dishes. They talk a little but when Kiara finds out her husband’s student is in the toilet she takes the opportunity to head in there herself for a bit of fun. After busting Kaisa beating off in the bathroom, Kiara starts licking her cunt, before having Kaisa lick her cunt. Maximo quickly catches on to what’s happening in there and opens the door to discover Kaisa licking his wife’s cunt. Instead of being angry, however, he takes advantage of the situation and goes on to fuck each of them in all of their holes.